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Ce serait tellement plus simple d’être accueilli par un ami lorsqu’on déménage dans une nouvelle ville !

Nous sommes une entreprise de services de relocalisation à Miami visant à vous apporter une expérience unique, en évaluant vos besoins avant le départ et en vous accompagnant dès votre arrivée jusqu’au moment où vous vous sentirez chez vous.

Imaginez combien il serait agréable d’arriver quelque part sans avoir à hésiter sur le choix du bon quartier, du meilleur café, ou l’endroit où trouver la meilleure baguette de la ville. Si vous avez des questions sur le système scolaire à Miami, où faire vos courses, ou comment répondre à vos besoins quotidiens, nous avons les réponses et nous allons vous aider à prendre les bonnes décisions pour votre famille. Nous pouvons même vous aider à organiser votre premier week-end à explorer la région de Miami-Dade County et de ses environs. Peu importe d’où vous venez ou quels sont vos besoins, nous sommes là pour vous assurer une transition toute en douceur. Nous sommes expatriées depuis de nombreuses années et savons ce qu’il faut pour se sentir bien à Miami.

Once Upon a Town va au-delà d’un service de relocalisation typique. Toutes les questions que vous pourriez vous poser, nous sommes là pour y répondre!


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Nous offrons une large gamme de services personnalisés, y compris le support avant votre arrivée et notre équipe d’expertes est là pour vous guider dans le processus de réinstallation. Nos services sont «à la carte» afin que nous puissions répondre le plus précisément à vos besoins et budgets.





Le comté de Miami-Dade compte une population d’un peu plus de 2,7 millions d’habitants, dont un grand nombre sont nés à l’étranger, principalement d’Amérique Latine et des Caraïbes. Ce n’est pas surprenant que Miami soit surnommé «la capitale de l’Amérique latine». Avec une structure d’impôt attrayante pour les entreprises et les particuliers, le coût de la vie à Miami n’est que légèrement supérieur à la moyenne nationale. Au cours des dernières années, Miami a connu une transformation audacieuse. Les entreprises se développent à un des taux les plus rapide du pays, attirant investisseurs et entreprises du monde entier. Les quartiers rénovés de Wynwood, du Miami Design District et Edgewater concentrent galeries d’art, boutiques de luxe et d’excellent restaurant, incontournable! Quant à la scène artistique et culturelle avec des événements annuels tels que la Art Basel Week, Art Deco Weekend ou le Miami International Boat Show, elle place désormais la ville sur le circuit international. Miami est une métropole cosmopolite qui vous accueille à bras ouverts. Pas étonnant qu’on l’appellent la Ville Magique.

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Emma Joachim

Tell us a little bit about you?

I was born in France and spent a big part of my childhood and adult life living in the United States and South America. While living in Brazil, I discovered the wonderful world of gemstones and became a gemologist years later when living in Los Angeles. I am fascinated by the process of learning a foreign language so different from mine, when sounds finally become words to my ear, and vow to be fluent in Chinese Mandarin one day.

Why did you want to join the team at Once Upon a town?

I first met Stephanie by answering her post on a French Mothers Group on Facebook, about one month after our arrival in San Francisco. We both had daughters the same age, were new in the city and happened to be living two streets away. We met for a stroller walk and from then on, we met daily, supporting each other through the ups and downs of being an expat.

A couple months later, I met Maria through mutual friends and we started organizing lunches and coffees with other expat moms.

After living one year in San Francisco, my family was relocated to Los Angeles. I left with a heavy heart but knowing our friendship would not be affected by the distance and grateful for these new friendships.

So when they asked me if I would be interested in opening a branch of Once Upon A Town in Miami, it felt like the most natural thing to do.

What do you like in assisting families relocating?

I am a people person and have always enjoyed working in the hospitality and service industries. After relocating so many times, having the opportunity to assist families in this process just comes as a natural step.

How would you describe Miami? What are your favourites areas? What do you like about the city?

Miami is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city where latin cultures welcome you with open arms. Neighborhoods like Wynwood and Brickell are my go-to places for unique shops and restaurants. Every time I go, I discover something new. For me, living in Miami is being able to do business while living constantly on vacation. After a hard days work, there is nothing more relaxing than a stroll on the beach as the sun sets.

If you had one recommendation to give to people relocating to a new city, what would it be?

Do not try to recreate the life you are leaving behind but embrace the differences of a new one.



Emma Joachim

Emmanuelle Joachim is a French expat and mother of two who has lived in eight cities and five countries and speaks four languages. Paris, Philadelphia, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Miami are all places she has called home, each unique culture enriching her life and representing chapters in her story. Emmanuelle considers herself a French citizen by birth, but a global citizen by heart.

Q: Where are you originally from?

A: France.

Q: Where are you currently living?

A: Miami, United States.

Q: When did you move here?

A: September 2016.

Q: Is this your first expat experience?

A: No, it’s my sixth.

Q: Did you move here alone or with a spouse/family?

A: I moved with my husband and our two daughters.

Q: Why did you move; what do you do?

A: Miami was always a city we imagined we could end up in, conveniently located mid-way between France and Brazil, our two home countries. After many years in the same corporation, my husband decided to start his own company and Miami just seemed like the right fit. I currently work for Once Upon A Town, a company offering personalized relocation services, where others can benefit from my previous experiences as an expat.

Living in Miami

Q: What do you enjoy most about Miami?  How would you rate the quality of life compared to your home country?

A: Living in Miami is being able to work while living on vacation, if that makes any sense. The quality of life here is very good compared to France.

Q: Any negative experiences? What do you miss most about France?

A: What I miss from home are the cultural events, the architecture and diversity of landscape. Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches but sometimes you just want to see a mountain.

Q: What are the biggest adjustments you had to make when settling into expat life in Miami? Did you experience any particular elements of culture shock?

A: I did not experience any culture shock as we had been vacationing here for years and I knew what to expect. Hispanics or Latinos make up 70 percent of the population of Miami, a reason why it is nicknamed ‘the capital of Latin America’. Having lived in South America for 12 years, I could relate to the specifics of this city.

Q: What’s the cost of living compared to home? Is there anything particularly expensive or particularly cheap in the USA?

A: The cost of living has become higher as housing has become more expensive and wages have staggered. As a French citizen, I find education and childcare to be particularly expensive as well as grocery shopping and healthcare. Nothing appears to be really cheap here, but I guess it all depends where you come from.

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